Anonymous: Hiii What app do you use to recognise the clothes people wear in pics. For ios ?

We don’t use an app. xx

Anonymous: Hi I really like ur blog


wannabenycliving: Could you make an outfit for the first day of school? 🙈😍

Please check the inspired tab. xx

Anonymous: I'm going on a class trip to England next week and I don't know what to pack, we're going to stay there for five days. Can you please help me? Also we're going to London for one day, which shops should I visit? Thanks so much By the way I love your blog! Xx

Check the inspired tab. this site has everything you need to know. xx

Anonymous: Hey there , can you give tips on how El keeps her boyfriend and have a great bond relationship for a long period ( steal man heart ❤️ ) ? I know it's weird but yeah X

I’m sorry but thats something between two people…An Eleanor style blog can’t give that sort of advice my dear. 

thayannevanessa2: Number cellphone Harry Styles??

You want Harry Styles’ number?

Ella & Eleanor
Anonymous: how do you get rid of acne scarring?

I’m not 100% sure… ANYONE KNOW?

Anonymous: Heeyy! Well im going to the WWA tour in south america & im also going shopping really soon so what do you recommend as a concert look 😊? ( it might get cold since is almost winter over here) love youuu and your blog :) xx

Can someone help get me a Luke Hemmings follow on twitter (SarahJEvans_) for my 18th please?

I’ll promo you to 1,000+ people on my personal ( (when you send proof).



R.I.P Peaches Geldof 1989-2014
"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."
Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine   (via beautifulvomit)

Eleanor with fans last year,
Anonymous: I am going to a birthday party tomorrow it will be warm but I'll get colder throughout the day please make a set?? I am 14 and something that covers my shoulders please and no skirts or shorts thank you :) xx